About us

ManoManagement is Europe’s biggest management with 10 UFC fighters for the moment.

ManoManagement is one of MMA’s top sports management organizations. Since 2004 Mano Management have represented this highly competitive global sport by repeatedly signing up fresh, up-and-coming MMA fight talents, grooming them for greatness, and then giving them the opportunity to fight for fame and glory.
Mano Management has established working relationships with the UFC and all other top MMA organizations. This allows us to consistently book high-profile fights for its fighters on a national and international televised platform. As our fighters compete and win, additional high-value fighters and sponsors are immediately attracted to the Company.

Mano Management services include;

» Drafting, negotiation and execution of complex, multi-fight contracts

» Developing and negotiating multiple sponsorship deals for its fighters

» Comprehensive fighter promotion including preparation for on and off-camera interviews; implementation of internet publicity campaigns, and social networking utilization

» Maximizing public and professional awareness of Company fighters, increasing fighter fan bases and maximizing overall fighter value

» Creating and coordinating opportunities for fighters to host industry seminars, make pivotal guest appearances, and appear for autograph signings as well as a wide variety of media events

» Providing any and all other services geared towards increasing the longevity and the monetization of its fighters’ professional opportunities and overall careers

Do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or enquiries.